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Letter: Corporate welfare for building owner?

Corporate welfare for building owner?

It’s sad to imagine that the jewel in the crown of our to-be-revitalized Basalt downtown area would come down to a musty, dusty fieldhouse!

I can easily understand why the owner of the property would rather rely on public funding for the coming five years rather than bite the bullet on his rental expectations and make the necessary(and apparently substantial) capital improvements needed to attract a qualified, private-sector tenant. Better to enter into a five-year rental agreement with the town and wait for an upturn in the rental market.

But what’s the benefit for the taxpayers? In your excellent article (“Basalt considers indoor rec center in old Clark’s building,” Sept. 2), I couldn’t identify a single proponent of the proposal who would actually be in a position of ponying up some of the cash needed to rent the building.

These types of long-term subsidies are bad news for taxpayers in that they represent a persistent drain on our town’s resources —money which is needed for more important purposes in service of our community.

Councilman Kittle has it exactly right: Let the private sector sort out this problem.

Gregory Zec