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Letter: Convicted by the media

Convicted by the media

It is very difficult to believe that we have a system that claims we are innocent until proven guilty when observing how the papers are representing long-time Aspenite Kathy Carpenter in the Pfister case. It seems like striving to bring a guilty verdict against her when the papers go digging two years into the past to say that Nancy Pfister was afraid of Kathy Carpenter (“Pfister told police in 2012 she was afraid of Carpenter,” March 27, Aspen Daily News).

Have any of you ever made the mistake of drinking too much with a friend and having disagreements, making poor choices, and then being friends again? I did not read the article in either paper because I am willing to wait. There are rumors everywhere and speculations. I choose to remain hopeful and very prayerful that the truth will be brought to light very soon.

As far as most of us can see, those in authority are striving to keep all information together and quiet until all evidence is gathered and everything can be presented as fact.

The photos of Kathy are terrible and for a woman who has worked here for many years and whose reputation was one of a dedicated employee, a caring and compassionate woman, this creates a pretty ugly picture for one who may indeed be innocent, at least until proven otherwise.

Please put yourself in her shoes and just imagine what you would feel like. Would you ever feel like life could return to normal? What will you feel like when you walk down the street again in this small community?

I have observed the treatment and I can tell you it feels like guilty until proven innocent and it is not pretty.

I encourage all of us to take a step back and to wait for the outcome to be one of truth and justice. I also encourage the gossip to stop as I have heard so much of it. Thank you so much.

Pam Fisher