Letter: Continue quality hospital care, support 5A

I’m writing to ask for support on ballot issue 5A, an extension of the hospital’s existing mill levy. This levy has been in place since 1995 and has been reauthorized by voters every five years since then. It is not a new tax.

I am a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist and have been on staff at Aspen Valley Hospital for 14 years. We are fortunate that virtually all pregnant women in our community receive prenatal care. This is partly due to the mill levy, which allows us provide care regardless of ability to pay. By voting yes on 5A, you will help ensure that every woman continues to get prenatal care and helps ensure the opportunity that patient delivers a healthy baby.

I have also been on the hospital board of directors for seven years. I serve in this volunteer role, alongside four other directors, because I believe quality healthcare is vitally important to our community.

I am proud of the work our board has done. The quality of care at AVH is second to none, and we have achieved a balanced budget and investment-grade bond rating for many years. The mill levy is critical to continuing the level of services and quality of care that we currently provide.

Please vote yes on 5A. Thank you.

Mindy Nagle, MD


AVH Board of Directors