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Letter: Consenting adulthood kills the comparisons

Consenting adulthood kills the comparisons

Thank you, Ms. Hubbell, for your letter to the editor on my humor column “Two Score and 10 Shades of Grey,” which was a review, of sorts, of the movie “50 Shades of Grey” (“Violence Is Not Sexy,” Letters to the Editor, The Aspen Times, Feb. 20).

I gather that you hate the movie. I do, too. Notice that after about 700 words of slapstick, I concluded in my column that the movie is “terrible.” So I’m left puzzled by your letter attacking my negative review of this movie that you hate. (If my rating of “terrible” was insufficiently negative for you, I’m open to others.)

In any event, your letter also raised an issue that deserves serious discussion. I question whether letters to the editor about a humorous review of a terrible movie are the right context for a serious discussion, but OK. I’ll try not to be funny.

Your serious issue is that women are vulnerable. I agree. I’m the father of two 20-something daughters who would attest to my protectiveness of them, as would their boyfriends.

Society’s protectiveness of its daughters, however, ends where and when their freedom begins. If an adult woman chooses to engage in lawful activities, society cannot stop her. Choice means freedom to choose, not freedom to choose the choices that feminists approve of. If women have the right to choose a career, and they do, they also have the right to choose sex acts that rub feminists the wrong way.

Your characterization of the woman in the movie is quite telling. You call her a “young girl” and then “an innocent young girl” who is apparently capable of giving informed consent to some sex acts (the ones that are apparently on your approved but unpublished list) but not others (that are not).

The woman, however, is not a young girl at all. She is a 22-year-old woman. I can imagine the reaction of feminists if I called a 22-year-old woman seeking an abortion a “young girl” who is incapable of giving informed consent to the abortion.

Your real objection to the character’s consent is not her age but the consent itself. Personally, I too think her consent is foolish. But it’s still valid. A man acting on that consent may be a creep, but your letter spins into hyperbole in equating him to “the mass shooters who corner the defenseless in classrooms across the country and then open fire.”

Finally, your letter dwells on the horrible crime of rape. But rape has nothing to do with this movie. Domination-submission games are not rape. One is sex play, and the other is criminal violence.

Women are smart enough to know the difference. Your suggestion to the contrary insults their intelligence and, in the guise of protection, impinges upon their freedom.

Women’s chosen husbands once controlled them. Now feminist strangers want to control them. You’ve come a long way, baby, or maybe not.

Glenn Beaton


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