Letter: Congratulations and thanks

As of writing this, I am not sure if I will be in a runoff election for City Council. Be that as it may, I want to congratulate all those who ran with me for office and who ran for mayor.

Steve Skadron and Torre conducted open and forthright campaigns elucidating the public on their viewpoints. Both deserve credit for subjecting themselves to an arduous process. I believe Steve’s empathy for Torre is genuine and sincere, and I share it.

Adam Frisch earned a council seat with a thorough and straightforward campaign directly to the voters. I also want to congratulate Bert Myrin for his successful campaign and dedication.

I want to commend fellow council candidates for the insights they shared. Marcia Goshorn’s attention to potential development in Wagner Park is important. Tom McCabe brought needed attention to the structure of Aspen Pitkin County Housing Association governance and the role of the volunteers on the housing board. Keith Goode’s experience as a small business person and a service worker was a refreshing reminder of the roots many of us have in town. Andy Israel was not just funny but did remind us that Aspen’s budget should be scaled to need, not to available revenue, and that outside review is always useful.

Too often we forget that we live in a place where candidates are almost always more interested in the public good than private gain and are more passionate about the town than political careers. I am proud to have shared a civil discourse with them.

I also want to thank the media members for making serious efforts to fairly cover us and outline issues with limited resources.

Last but not least, I want to thank the O’Leary Family, David Bentley, Howie Wallach, Jane St. Croix, my sister and her family, Marcella Larsen, Gladys Augello, Frank Peters and 100 others for the moral and financial support that made it possible to communicate a clear message to the voters.

Mick Ireland