Letter: Community over profit

We are casting our vote for Jacque Whitsitt. She seems to be the candidate who thinks far into the future and values the overall quality of life and community over quick profits for a small number of people.

I am in the Buddy Program, and my little buddy and her family used to live in the Pan and Fork and had the trailer closest to the river’s edge. The whole place was swarming with feral cats, and the spring always brought some flooding to the trailer park. The conditions were less than safe for children, let alone adults. It just seems sacrilegious to move all those families and have the community gather for several months to find out what we want, only to turn the property over to those who want high-end amenities and only for the very few who can afford them.

We vote for a beautiful park and a small hotel with a restaurant — a place where everyone can come together, hang out, enjoy the view, picnic, celebrate and gather as a community. These are the things that attract people to places.

High-end residential and condos on the river are an avoidable mistake for the community. Housing, larger-scale commercial and parking are all a perfect fit on the Clark’s Market site.

Tina Tucker