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Letter: Commissioner commentary

As a relative newcomer to the area, having just arrived in Aspen in 1970, I really need some help with historical context.

Can anyone tell me if there has ever been another general election year in which not one single incumbent elected official in Pitkin County faced a challenger for their office?

Can anyone remember any other year when such a situation would not have been treated as a sign of a community in morbid decline?

Neither local newspaper felt any responsibility to publish the deadline for filing to run for public office. Apparently, nobody cares that they didn’t.

I purposely posed two questions of a similar nature — neither is a hot button issue of any great interest to any significant number of people — because they represent matters of principle. The Aspen Daily News saw no reason to even publish them and none of the three candidates for the District 3 county commissioner race could discern any sort of opportunity in addressing them.

Consequently, I still can’t tell the three candidates apart, and doubt that anyone else can either.

Once again I feel compelled to borrow KNCB Moore’s closing salutation for his letters to the editor: Be brave, comrades.

Jeffrey Evans


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