Letter: Coming together on the lodge

As many of you know, I support the Base2 Lodge proposal, and I voted for it during the final hearing before the City Council. When I ran for the office, Cavanaugh O’Leary (with a bemused expression) pinned the label “Thoughtful Governance” on my campaign. Each week, I strive for that goal — sometimes more successfully than others. This time I think we’ve got it right. An affordable lodge is far and away the best and the brightest plan for this site, and I haven’t heard any other suggestions that come even close to the long-term community benefits that a lodge would provide. It would be vibrant, it would be reasonably priced, it would reduce traffic, and it would be fun. Further, we have a binding commitment from the developer for 19 on-site parking spaces. No parking; no building permit. Let’s bring this lodge to life.

Art Daily

Aspen city councilman