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Letter: Columnist needs to check facts

There is definitely more than meets the eye in Meredith Carroll’s uneducated, one-sided rant (“More than meets the eye in custody case,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, May 19). Way to cross-check your story, Meredith! At least CNN, the U.S. courts, the Supreme Court of Argentina and the international Hague court reviewed the facts before taking the kidnapper’s word for it. For instance, the abuse charges were indeed falsified, and even Ana herself admitted to the child-custody evaluator as well as on the stand that her story was fabricated.

Also, Ana has as much access as she wants now to be with her children in a supervised setting.

To address the hung-up phone call: It was once when Ana made the poor choice to inflict emotional damage on them again during this pivotal and fragile transition time for them. She had the shortsighted, selfish mind to tell them if she couldn’t see them soon (which is her own decision to make in arranging the supervisor), she was going to move back to Argentina without them.

Why would a caring mother say something so harmful to her daughters during this critical time when they need reassurance? Of course, the call ended at that moment, with an explanation that all other calls that hurt them will also be cut short.

This is the same mother who chose not to arrange a visit with her daughters for Mother’s Day despite my attorneys asking her a week ahead of time to arrange the proper supervisor since they should be with her that day.

She purposely didn’t arrange the visit so she could call her media in Argentina and cry victim once again. Yes, Meredith, although you said Ana hasn’t clamored to the media (she told you, so it must be true), Ana has been in the media in Argentina countless times for over a month spewing lies. It has only been since I shared the facts with every one of the news channels the truth that her well of 15 minutes of fame has dried up.

The girls have always been my top priority. They continue to be and will always be. In time, the girls will have both parents in their lives the way it should have always been.

The country’s top therapists in abduction and reunification were appointed by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children immediately upon their arrival in the United States after severe parental alienation for almost five years while being kidnapped. There is a reason for everything the way it is happening right now. Not that I owe Meredith an explanation, but since she has chosen to air out thoughts without concern for the truth, know that we are doing everything in the best interests of the girls.

Rest assured the girls are finally able to leave a stunted half-life and blossom into knowing their full identities in this beautiful, nurturing valley.

Anyway, as I said, there is much more than meets the eye. That is one of the only truths to this peanut-gallery article.

Dennis Burns

Snowmass Village