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Letter: Column was based on personal experience

Column was based on personal experience

Ms. Krahe,

Thank you for your letter, and thank you for reading my column (“The Western Wall”. The Aspen Times, July 5).

The 2000-year-old conflict between the Palestinians whom we now call “Israelis” and the Palestinians whom we now call “Palestinians” (and the other mostly Arab countries in the vicinity) will not be resolved in the comment section of this newspaper. I intended only to share my personal experience one evening with people who struck me as kind, devout and decent.

There is one statement in your letter, however, that I must take issue with because it characterizes my column in a way that I think is inaccurate. You state, “According to the column, Palestinians are terrorists for objecting.”

My column says no such thing. “Objecting” does not make a person a terrorist. What makes a person a terrorist is committing acts of terrorism.

To personalize the point, you, Ms. Krahe, are not a terrorist for objecting to Israel. But individuals who kidnap and murder Israeli teenagers as a political act are. As are their political representatives who enable and/or fail to condemn such terrorism and others who support, excuse or rationalize such terrorism.

Until everyone recognizes that committing or supporting acts of terrorism makes a person a terrorist, and is not a legitimate means of simply expressing an objection, this conflict will continue.

Glenn K. Beaton


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