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Letter: Colorado’s GOP: Too smart by half

There are things a man should never say to his wife. Once uttered, speech can never be unsaid.

And so it is with the now infamous Colorado GOP tweet “We did it. #NeverTrump.” Coupled with the cancellation of a presidential-preference poll that would have bound” the party’s delegates and with Ted Cruz’s subsequent sweep of all 34 available delegates, the tweet suggests something rather undemocratic, if not untoward, about the whole delegate-selection process.

To be sure, these events have certainly added to the nation’s perception that all delegates are not equal. Those from primary states constitute a “currency” backed by the full faith and credit of the states’ voters, while Colorado’s delegates appear to have no more backing or innate value than the funny money in a game of Monopoly.

For a great many Republicans and independents, here and elsewhere, Donald Trump represents America’s last stand against ruling-class shenanigans such as these, and labeling him as an untouchable, a political leper, will probably lead many of them to say “#Nevermind” when November arrives and they are asked to consider voting for Republican down-ticket candidates. Regarding Sen. Cory Gardner, I have already determined, “#NeverAgain.”

Chad Klinger


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