Letter: Clowns abound

I wish Glenn Beaton would write about rodeo clowns in the past, as well (“It’s his first rodeo,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, Aug. 17) — rodeo clowns who brought us a huge mistake in Iraq, rodeo clowns who cut funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and then dropped the ball when Katrina hit, screwed up the U.S. Postal Service, tried to privatize Social Security and then gave billionaires a lot of tax refunds and regular people little ones. Rodeo clowns who did not pay for war bills and drove the economy into the ground almost as badly as in 1929. Most rodeo clowns are funny and save lives. Not these historical ones. Think of how many people (ours and theirs) who were killed and tortured in Iraq and elsewhere. Think of all the treasure and military lives spent on dangerous clown ideas that made a few corporations very wealthy. Write about all those “rodeos,” too.

Miles Knudson