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Letter: Climate change hysteria

Climate change hysteria

I appreciate Karl Herchenroeder’s even-handed reporting on speculations regarding Aspen’s weather, present and future (Aspen Times, “Meteorologist sees big winters ahead,” Feb. 11).

On the one hand, he cited the Aspen Global Change Institute‘s claim that skiing could end here by 2100; on the other, he cited meteorologist Cory Gates’ opinion that the Institute’s claim is “the most ridiculous statement on Earth.”

What Gates may not know is that Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy, who visited Aspen during the X Games, made an equally ridiculous statement when she returned to Washington, claiming on The White House Blog on Jan. 28 that “If we fail to act, Aspen’s climate could be a lot like that of Amarillo, Texas, by 2100.”

Allow me to do the math: in the next 85 years, Aspen’s average daily temperature may rise by 15 degrees, and its annual snowfall decline by 13 feet. Regarding temperature, McCarthy’s claim pretty much doubles the most dire, worst-case projections made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. As for snow, she ignores the probability that warming temperatures may actually increase our snowfall.

So, what was she smoking or munching during her sojourn in our fair city?

More importantly, what was she telling Aspen Middle School students during her appearance there? Perhaps parents should question whether their children should be getting all wee-wee’d up by alarmists in high places whose vision of the future may be no more reliable than that of Nostradamus, Thomas Malthus or the Y2K prophets of doom 20 years ago.

Even more worrisome is the fact that McCarthy, whose training in science may charitably be described as “thin,” has also been busy indoctrinating Pope Francis, which causes me to be more than a little apprehensive about his impending address to Congress and a possible papal encyclical on the subject of global warming.

May wisdom prevail.

Chad Klinger


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