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Letter: Climate change and the Senate race

Thank you for your election coverage of the important race between Sen. Mark Udall and Rep. Cory Gardner and especially for asking about climate change.

I appreciate that Gardner is concerned about economic impacts on people with low or fixed incomes. As a public school teacher, I share his commitment to the prosperity and health of the working class and people in poverty. Thus, I am sure Gardner would be happy to know there is an economic policy that can simultaneously protect our atmosphere and stimulate our economy. In fact, this policy will increase real income for the two-thirds of Americans who need it most. It’s called carbon fee and dividend, and it is a fair, revenue-neutral way to address emissions by taxing fossil fuels when they come out of the ground and giving all the money back to Americans.

People in the middle and bottom income brackets will actually be better off because their monthly dividend will be greater than the increase to their cost of living that results from pricing carbon. And if they make choices to be energy-efficient, even more of the money is theirs to spend or save. Gardner’s staff has already heard about this policy option when Citizens Climate Lobby volunteers visited Washington, D.C., in June. I hope that in future interviews and events, he will use this information to support a win-win-win solution for Americans, the economy and our environment.

As a climate voter, I will give my vote to whichever candidate can deliver on carbon fee and dividend in 2015.

Amelia Potvin