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Letter: Clearing up traffic

Easy traffic solutions from a city shuttle bus driver’s perspective: 1. Big, clear signs directing people to the parking garage. In the winter season, we service the parking garage with the Galena shuttle every 10 minutes, but nobody can find it. This would get a lot of cars off the street that are circling looking for a parking space or blocking traffic by double parking. Also run at least one of these shuttles in the summer to make it more convenient for people to get around downtown shops and restaurants. Then they can park at the Intercept Lot or the parking garage. 2. Use the electronic highway sings on Highway 82 to direct cars to the Intercept Lot during peak times and take the bus into town. 3. Employ someone to direct traffic at the gondola intersection during peak times. This could be a great image for Aspen if they made it fun and added music and the person was dressed as Santa or an old-fashioned crossing officer. What would make your ski experience better, a honking traffic jam or a dancing Santa directing traffic? 4. We have a parking lot that sits empty all winter and is serviced every 30 minutes by the Crosstown shuttle.

Kendra Stephenson

Glenwood Springs