Letter: Clean up Crown Mountain Park

Seeing all the smiling faces of those running for the Crown Mountain Park board in Wednesday’s edition (“Four enter race for 2 Crown Mountain seats,” The Aspen Times, April 27), how about you get your gloves on and pick up the massive dog poop at the park, especially poop from the folks living in the adjacent apartments who let their dogs run wild? The poop has been there for months! You’ll get my vote! And enforce the $500 fine, please!

Also commit to demanding that the people who host the kids Tough Mudder pack out that disgusting mud they left all over the place one or two years ago I’m still enjoying it today. Disgusting! Yuck, yuck, yuck! They packed it in — pack it out! Come and show your commitment to the park and I’ll vote for you! Not holding my breath, though. Sadly, no one really cares.

Eva Winn