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Letter: Clarity on Basalt controversy

There have been many letters to the editor and guest columns in recent weeks expressing various views of what to do and what not to do with the Basalt riverpark. Some have been more useful than others. All, surely, have been from the heart. None, however, deals with the subject so well and with such feeling as the guest column by Mark Harvey in The Aspen Times on Sept. 12 (“Of influence and confluence: Basalt’s riverpark,” Commentary).

He does not espouse anything specific, but he does bring forth a perspective from which to conceive a process that assures a good outcome.

This should be required periodical reading for our town’s decision-makers to make them keep their focus centered on “getting it right.” For all Basalt residents, it will bring some clarity.

Thank you, Mark Harvey, for your historical research and constructive insight.

Charlie Cole