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Letter: Clapper, Davis and Haman for fire board

Clapper, Davis and Haman for fire board

I am writing to encourage Aspen residents to vote in the upcoming Aspen Fire District election. The Aspen community is incredibly fortunate to have a taxing district that provides a well-trained and committed fire service, providing essential fire and rescue services (something many just take for granted) as well as superior fire prevention, inspections and all that comes with assuring your home is fire-safe and secure.

Aspen has been providing its volunteer firefighting service for more than 120 years and continues to do so today under the guidance of its district board, elected by you. It is an important and essential entity that requires a serious vote on your part. Simply voting for a name you might recognize is not good enough!

I know what it takes to effectively operate our fire district, and I assure you that it requires a foundation of knowledge and experience that contributes to decisions that involve safety for you, your family, the firefighters and the community-at-large. As I look at those running for the district board this election cycle, I also recognize many names, but only three have the kind of experience and dedication that fit the bill. I would ask that you vote for incumbents Stoney Davis, Tom Clapper and Aspen firefighter Mike Haman. All three have shown me the kind of commitment that assures this district will continue to function as it should.

Occasionally there are times when it is time for an elected official to step down and turn the reins over to new blood. That is not the case here. Following the very complex process of totally retrofitting our fleet and building new stations that make our fire district the envy of any fire department, our district worked tirelessly the past four to years to totally redefine how our district works. These three have been very important in these processes and we would all benefit by re-electing the incumbents and adding Mike Haman this election day.

Take a moment and cast a vote for Stoney Davis, Tom Clapper and Mike Haman.

Willard Clapper

Aspen volunteer firefighter