Letter: City of Aspen wants your feedback

Every year the city of Aspen surveys a randomly selected group of residents to solicit feedback and opinions on our organization. The essence of the survey is to find out how you think the city is doing with providing services, meeting our residents’ needs and responding to problems. We also want to know which issues you feel are most important for the city to tackle.

We realize another piece of mail in your box may not elicit boundless joy, but please know that you are an integral part of helping us improve so we can provide you with the type and quality of government services you want. The five or so minutes it takes you to fill out the survey can lead to positive change.

In the past, your responses to surveys have instigated changes such as formulating proposals to improve pedestrian experiences at various locations around town, increased communication about snow removal, initiated a construction-management program and engaged residents to give feedback in more innovative ways (online input programs, clicker sessions with computerized keypads and targeted newsletter services).

So please, help us continue to improve as an organization by filling out the survey if you receive one in the mail. Please return it by Monday. Not only do we look forward to your feedback, but we’re counting on it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Travis Elliott

Management analyst, city of Aspen