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Letter: City needs to take responsibility

I think Mark Hunt is getting a bad rap on this affordable-lodging debacle. I understand the city asked him to do affordable lodging and his reply was basically, “That is not my business, but I’ll try.” Now he comes in and gets lambasted, and those in city government who asked him to try and do affordable lodging don’t seem willing to step up and take any of the heat.

I might agree with the opponents to this project if it were just about today, but a responsible community leader needs to think about the future. What happens as the older affordable-lodge owners want to sell and retire? Are we going to downzone their property to stay a cheap lodge so that they have to sell at a huge discount? Gee, thanks. Will the government have to subsidize somehow to keep it? Maybe we should pass a law that says they can’t die and must run the lodge forever.

How about we find someone to build a few new, small, affordable lodges in appropriate locations? I think that is a good idea. How about the city officials who thought of that idea step up and loudly proclaim it was their idea and they are proud of it and offer a little support to Hunt for honoring their request?

Scott Writer