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Letter: Chill out, drivers

I drive on the pass quite a bit, and a few times this season I’ve helped with accidents and timid drivers. The other day on the tight turn below Lincoln Creek, a driver was too scared to move, which blocked a horse trailer from proceeding uphill. While the driver of the trailer moved, a lady got out of her car and started yelling at the driver to back the car up. Had she looked, she would have seen that that’s what was happening.

I told her we had it under control, and she yelled back that it didn’t look like it and to hurry up. (Cars had been stopped for about 90 seconds.) After the trailer passed and uphill traffic started to move, I was then yelled at by some agro-English guy who felt like lecturing me that uphill traffic has the right of way and that I’d be to blame for a serious accident, blah blah. All this while I was still in my spot, hugging the downhill shoulder, waiting for uphill traffic to pass. I would have told him to put his manhood back in his pants, as he doesn’t know the situation, but since his kids and wife were in the car, I refrained.

We’ve got to work together in these situations. See if someone needs help, ask and don’t blame, be patient, and for Christ’s sake, be nice.

Betty Hoops