Letter: Check out Snowmass Tourism meeting

I feel like Walter Winchell, Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson these days as I get some dynamic Snowmass Village exposure and adventuring done to add to my vast knowledge base and to rev up my new magnificent problem-solving results.

You might say that when I was a wee lad I was educated and influenced by watching on television the live U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy hearings and “The Walter Winchell File” and reading snoop columnists Pearson and Anderson.

At the recent Snowmass Tourism session, the Snowmass Village Marketing, Special Events and Group Sales Board assembled to do business. I was there.

The board works on “tourism for the benefit of the Snowmass Village economy” with Snowmass Tourism assigned to it. This department is actually the Marketing, Special Events and Group Sales Department.

During the meeting, a few things came up. Let me address them for public, board and department benefit.

The Internet analytics, purchasing keywords and clicking came up. It was revealed the department sits down with Aspen Skiing Co., discussing keyword buying. It should never be done.

Why? Here two quick reasons.

The first reason is that the department must only consider Snowmass Village’s best economic welfare and interests in an extremely competitive local area and worldwide scene.

The second reason is one can see from the Base Village fiascos and other indicators that many work to undermine and sabotage Snowmass Village. It is as clear as the nose on your face. There are smart townsfolk who see as clearly as I do.

Within the second reason, let’s prevent a double cross or the appearance of collusion by the department or its employees. It must refrain from such business-planning meetings or communications with Skico, any apparent competing for-profit or nonprofit entity or any competing outside government agency.

The last two addressed concerns are the next two paragraphs.

The Wall Street Journal has frequently warned about the witchcraft doings of ad agencies and other media agencies with their questionable clicking schemes that create no less than a 40 percent fraudulent rate of their customers, including big business clients. So the board should remain vigilant concerning the media agency the department contracts, because none has sued The Wall Street Journal for being Paul Revere to the likes of Snowmass Village and the other such purchases out there.

The department should stop using surveys like a dolt gathering census information. A survey is a sample of a universal.

The department’s handout package was very impressive and professionally done.

So, Snowmass Tourism, do more to guard the appearance of hanky-panky that trips up Snowmass Village economic interests and prosperity. Be ever-alert. Snowmass Village always comes first.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen