Letter: Charter not the place for land-use items

I wholeheartedly support voting “no” on Referendum 1. This referendum is an overreaction to a previous land-use code that allowed larger buildings. The land-use code has since been amended, allowing much less height and mass. The buildings that people are upset about would not be allowed today. Please do not let fear be the reason to change our charter. If we want further change in our land-use code, this is where the amendment should occur, not in our charter, which is the framework of our government and should not have land-use items attached to it.

A more cumbersome, costly process is not the answer! There are already checks and balances in place in our code that allows a vote by City Council to be called up to a public vote.

Please do not support Referendum 1 and vote “no.” For further information, please go to

Sarah Broughton