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Letter: Character assassination

It is becoming tiresome to again read John Colson and his constant attempts at character assassination. A week or so ago it was defamatory remarks about Joe Walsh, who is a gun collector and a fine guitarist (“It’s simple — lots of guns means lots of shootings,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, July 12). On Tuesday, it was more of the same about Donald Trump and Mike Pence (“The GOP ticket — a troll doll and a religious zealot,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, July 19). This is lazy and sleazy journalism. In fact, I am not sure we can really call it journalism. Possibly Colson could be given an assignment to report on Edward R. Morrow or perhaps William F. Buckley.

Descriptions like “troll doll,” “religious zealot,” “carnival huckster” and the like could easily be left out of opinion pieces rather than becoming bylines. Please try to set a good example for young writers and bring readers insight, not examples of ridicule. This devisiveness is at the heart of the cancer that keeps hatred and bigotry alive in our country. Please be better than that.

Al Scholz


Editor’s note: John Colson’s July 12 column referred to talk-radio host and former U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh, who has the same name as a professional guitarist and former member of the band the Eagles. The guitarist is not publicly known as a gun collector, and the former congressman is not publicly known as a guitarist.

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