Letter: Celebrate the stars and stripes

This past Memorial Day in Aspen was a most enlightening and pleasant affair. However, there should have been more parents with their children in attendance, especially since their schools don’t teach civics or herald such days whether they are Memorial Day, Flag Day or Veterans Day.

And as usual, the Elks Lodge No. 224 in Aspen prepared and fed the attending crowd an excellent picnic meal featuring beef franks, hamburgers, veggie burgers and deboned chicken cooked over burning charcoal grills.

This Memorial Day truly was a festivity to recall for many years come.

Just remember the Elks Lodge No. 224 in Aspen celebrates Flag Day on June 14 with a ceremony championing the flag of the United States and its history. You should attend this Flag Day event in Aspen. Celebrate the stars and stripes two days after David Rockefeller turns 101 years old on his birthday June 12.

See you June 14 for Flag Day. Let’s celebrate! Call the Elks Lodge No. 224 for the 411 on it.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen