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Letter: Cause to truly think again

Melanie Sturm’s recent column on the corrupt crony capitalism that is destroying our country was spot on. However, coming from Sturm, I found that her criticism of a rigged system was cause for me to Think Again.

Sturm is one of Aspen’s wealthiest ladies, which made me curious as to why she would criticize the very system that has made her successful. Then, one of my favorite progressive websites,

CommonDreams.org, ran a story on the fear that is gripping the world’s elite.

A gathering was held in London in May that hosted 250 of the world’s movers and shakers. Hosted by Lady Lynn Foester de Rothschild, the group focused on the bad rap capitalism is getting due to the plebs getting wise to the bulls— the wealthy have been propagandizing us with. Rothschild lamented that “it is really dangerous for business when business is viewed as one of society’s problems. And that is where we are today.” The wealthy are worried that the proletariat have noticed the skimming of wealth that has prevailed and are thinking of the pitchforks being wielded by the commoners.

As Sturm pointed out, the cronyism between government and business has resulted in the world’s most successful businesses lobbying their way out of paying taxes or enduring competition from smaller players. Every program from Obamacare to Cash for Clunkers is rigged to help big business. The American Dream of success through hard work is a nightmare because the playing field isn’t on the same level.

Now the wealthy have been noticed. The widening gap of wealth is reported every day. Something must be done to smooth this over with the bottom 90 percent. Perhaps Sturm is embarking on this mission.

I have a suggestion.

Public financing of elections would take the legalized bribery system we now employ down to a level playing field. It has been reported that most of our elected leaders spend most of their day raising funds for their next election. It seems obvious that this is true since nothing has happened in congress in four years.

Shedding this pay-for-play system would take a lot of power out of the hands of the people able to buy influence. Of course, this will never happen because the political class thrives on money from the controlling class.

I hope Sturm offers a plan to stop the cronyism in her next column. She could change the world if she has an idea how to end the lobbying efforts that ensure most wealth is amassed in upper echelons of society, or “economic leeches,” as she eloquently described them.

But first, she might want to give up her contribution to this system. A quick search on another of my favorite websites,

OpenSecrets.org, revealed the cronyism she has fostered with the elected class. Since 2007, Sturm has donated approximately $93,910 to Republican candidates and causes, which, coincidentally, is the exact amount that I didn’t donate.

When the elites responsible for the cronyism they decry begin to search for ways to soothe the feelings of those they have leeched off of for years, you can bet that soothing is all that they want. It’s human nature to want such a profitable system to persevere without trouble.

If you believe the world’s wealthiest have anyone’s interests but their own in mind, you need to Think Again.

Johnny Boyd

Snowmass Village

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