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Letter: Catholic Church bigger than its crimes

Jim DeFrancia is wrong (“Archaic mindset plagues Catholic Church,” Letters, Sept. 24, The Aspen Times). The Catholic Church is not the only organization guilty of covering up sex crimes committed by a tiny few in power.

During my schoolboy days in Aspen, it was widely known that at least six teachers had sex with high school and middle school students, resulting in at least two pregnancies. Nobody went to jail, was fired or was even reprimanded.

Leaders of college sports programs have a history of ignoring sexual misconduct and abuse, e.g. Penn State, Duke, Oklahoma State, etc.

Nobody can say how many thousands of women (and men) are raped and sexually abused in the U.S. military by a tacit and systemic hierarchy that turns its head to (at best) or condones (at worst) the evil.

You can think of many more examples.

In organizations of humans designed for good, there will always be ingratiating members with evil intent trying to exploit the organization’s solid reputation for personal degenerative benefit. It’s possible that the most noble institutions are the biggest targets for the miscreants. Nonetheless, we don’t destroy the institutions when the evil comes to our attention. We bring the perpetrators of evil to justice and carry on with the noble cause.

Roger Marolt

Snowmass Village