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Letter: Cash grab by the Brown brothers

Wow, nice editorial about the Mountain House Lodge and how you mentioned that the Brown brothers really do not care how or what they to do to our town (“Mountain House demolition not in Aspen’s best interest,” Commentary, April 28, The Aspen Times).

Their efforts certainly are not for Aspen. I have said repeatedly that they are in it only for the dollars, after listening to their presentations and rhetoric. When the public was presenting to City Council about this project, I was stunned at Stan Clausen’s (the Browns’ representative) comment about the 150-plus-year-old tree on Bleeker. According to Clausen, it would be cut down because “it has outlived its usefulness.” (I guess the Sardy trees also are beyond their usefulness and should be removed since they are older.) It would be wonderful if we, Aspen, could identify whom planted that tree back in the 1830s-50s and strive to keep this tree as part of our historic perspective.

I am surprised and disheartened that City Council voted and approved the three houses on Bleeker. Has anyone on council visited in person the Bleeker lot site for the houses? It will be cramped with two houses. Sometimes you just gotta get out of the council chambers and have a look-see, and maybe even string out a measuring tape to be as accurate as possible.

While I commend Aaron and Michael Brown for buying the Mountain House Lodge, Molly Gibson and Hotel Aspen, and providing the town with more hot beds, I can see now that they are not in the hotel business, they are just here to fill their pockets.

I wholeheartedly hope that council absolutely refuses and denies their intent to rezone and tear down the Mountain House Lodge. As property owners, we all have rights with ownership, but we also have the duty to respect and maintain what our town is about, which is why we all came here, not just to money grab.

Ed Petrosius