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Letter: Carbon tax logic

A very thoughtful letter from a member of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby appeared in The Aspen Times on April 30 (“Do your part to fight climate change”). I don’t know the writer, Pete Kuntz from Northglenn. However, he lays out the logic of a carbon tax and how the tax money would be used.

Kuntz admits “we lack the political will to make this happen.” If this question was put to a national referendum, I am sure those of us who are not in the “fossil-fuel business” and who care about the future of their families and the planet would approve in a wink.

But, why it won’t happen is because we have the best Congress that the fossil fuel (coal, oil, gas) can buy and have bought for decades. I asked a member of Congress recently, “Would you like to see fossil fuels phased out?” “Oh no,” he (or was it she?) shouted. “That would be like standing on my own oxygen hose that provides my campaign money.” He (or she) went on to say, “I know the carbon produced is causing a lot of problems, but since I don’t have children or grandchildren, who cares?” Next I heard, “Excuse me, but I have to see a lobbyist to pick up my ‘coal’ check, then my ‘oil’ check and then (this is so tiring) my ‘gas’ check.

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village