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Letter: Calling younger Aspenites

A group of younger Aspenites has come together to form the Aspen Next Generation Advisory Commission. We are hosting a kickoff event to introduce ourselves to the city on Tuesday.

Our mission is to advance the policy interests of the 18 to 40 demographic of people who live or work in Aspen. In addition, we will work with the under-40-based groups, giving them an arm into city government when exploring policy interests.

Our big kickoff event to encourage dialogue is at 5 p.m. on Tuesday at Aspen Brewing Co. “till the keg runs dry.” We would love to see a wide representation from the community show up to tell us, and the rest of our commission, what issues matter to them. If for nothing else, come make some new friends. For those younger than 40, as part of our efforts to learn what matters most to you, we are conducting the first of an annual survey of the demographic. It takes five minutes and comes with free beer.

Visit us on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/AspenNextGen or email us at AspenNextGen@gmail.com.

Skippy Mesirow and Christine Benedetti

Chair and co-chair, Aspen Next Generation Advisory Commission