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Letter: Calling all bandwagon Dems

Calling all bandwagon Dems

Listen up, all you bandwagon Democrats who packed Rio Grande meeting room for the 2008 Pitkin County caucus and haven’t been active since. I’ll tell you why you should attend today’s (Tuesday) Democratic caucus at Colorado Mountain College to participate at the grass-roots level of our republican government.

A Republican form of government is one in which the people are represented. The purpose of a political party is to win elections by selecting and supporting candidates. A precinct captain is semantically equivalent to a county delegate at the state assembly, which chooses and supports candidates for state and federal offices.

Without the rock-star appeal of Obama, it’s easy to forget that off-year elections are just as important. The current Democratic control both houses of the Colorado legislature and governorship is precarious. There are some state legislatures that rejected Obamacare. Any state administration can use the layers of discretionary power inherent in all bureaucracies to delay execution of policy from above. Colorado is lucky.

Our state senator, Gail Schwartz (Senate District 5) and Millie Hamner (House District 61) and Millie’s predecessor Roger Wilson mastered the arcane procedures and negotiations that determine if any bill has a chance of becoming law. As our representatives, they try to give us what we want; as politicians, they have to negotiate as much of our desires as is possible. Without much television advertising, they (especially Gail) have driven many thousands of miles to meet and greets their constituents.

In a matter of weeks, if not before, hundreds of attack ads will start running against U.S. Sen. Mark Udall to demonize his environmentalism as job-killing activism. The same thing will be done to vulnerable Democratic legislators. The state party will provide the generalship to defend them.

I’ve long since forgiven Obama for not being another FDR or the LBJ because they had huge majorities in both houses of Congress and he doesn’t. I’ll give Obama credit for pedaling as fast as he can.”

At the state level, we Democrats have to defend the power we have. We need activists. County caucuses are the grass-roots of state politics. Precinct captains direct the boots on the ground that will work phone banks and do door-to-door canvassing during election season. Doing that is more fun, at least to me, than spending the same time watching TV sports. Getting out there and knocking on doors is a great way to expand your consciousness of being a citizen.

Don’t miss today’s caucus. RSVP to blancainaspen@aol.com or call 970-379-0033.

David Bentley


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