Letter: Business advice to live by

Business advice to live by

Has political year 1978 come to The Aspen Times, Aspen, Pitkin County and the Roaring Fork Valley vis-à-vis the historical flip-flop political platform switcheroo done by both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in 1978? Oh, call it a zero-sum game trick.

This phenomenon is about the recent published newspaper letter “Class acts” (Carl Heck, Aspen Times, April 5) and “Feds just don’t get it” (Lee Mulcahy, Aspen Times, April 5).

Take Mr. Carl Heck, merchant “par excellence” of stain-glass artwork and of quick wit, with his lumping Mr. Michael Galvis and me together as having “went to the same letter-writing school.”

Could it be Mr. Heck would like to become a more sophisticated man of letters and, also, be able to put more money in his pockets by closing more and bigger sales with more uber affluent prospects and art connoisseurs? I dare say, “Yes!”

Mr. Heck would do his desires well for greater intellectual prowess and greater overflowing pecuniary aggregates justice by selling his merchandise in Los Alamos, N.M., where there are gobs of better educated people and more millionaires than can be found in both combining Aspen and Beverly Hills as one affluent art market.

As for Mr. Lee Mulcahy, although I know you’re not getting soft, do you realize all the benefits from a “two-year extension on 25 oil and gas leases in (the) Thompson Divide.” This includes the common folk, the state of Colorado, the “Aspen Skiing Co. and the billionaire Crowns as well as Sen. Gail Schwartz.”

Without oil and gas revenues to create new jobs and new sources of taxable funds, Colorado has always suffered from great economic booms and busts. In addition, who in Colorado could afford the ever-increasing higher Aspen prices billionaires, millionaires and tourists must confront to financially support the Socialist city of Aspen and its population that spends its earnings instead of saving money and making their bank accounts grow.

Unless you’ve got your mommy and your daddy kicking in their credit cards, their military welfare checks and their vested pension accounts to you, who cares about no gas and oil jobs and petroleum economic stimulating.

Those claiming to be big-time money trustfund beneficiaries in Aspen do appear to be pretty rich money-wise. Think again. They complain about their wages as they promote employee housing and encourage local and county government extortion of real estate developers.

I worked on Rockefeller and Rockefeller associates’ trust securities portfolios, so I know what real substantial monthly trust portfolio beneficiary income should be for rock solid trustfunders claiming in Aspen they’ve got big time trust funds.

Mr. Heck, our very wealthy American atomic scientific community of Los Alamos awaits you. The city has skiing, too.

Mr. Mulcahy, our American ski industry awaits your business wheeling and dealing to increase its skier numbers by at least 10 million, since our present American ski operators can’t do it. They haven’t recaptured the 10 million lost skier numbers from more than a decade ago. You can do it. Get busy now!

Enuff said!

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, Calif.