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Letter: Bus stops are too big, too much

Bus stops are too big, too much

Dear Editor:

There has been some editorial chatter in regards to the new bus stops in the valley. I have to side with Mr. Beaton on this one (“Colossally too big,” Glenn K Beaton, opinion, The Aspen Times).

I ride Roaring Fork Transportation Authority buses in the winters a lot, and if you get on a direct Aspen express from Carbondale, you can get to the Aspen roundabout in 45 minutes.

If you ride the local, which, as the name implies, stops at all stops locally throughout the valley, it takes over an hour. I really don’t see how new bus stops and “clean” buses will make those times any faster! A train, now that would be a great “idea.”

Commuting to Aspen can only be improved by dealing with the bottleneck at the airport. What is the point of a $47 million bus system that still bottlenecks in to one lane to cross the last bridge?

When I discovered the cost of the new bus stops, I had to go for a fresh pair of under trousers! My house cost about the same amount and can sleep five in beds and more on the floor! That’s an under-trouser load of money for a spot to stand and wait for a bus!

What is the average wait-time a person stands at a bus stop, waiting for a bus? Not as much as I spend living in a house. So much for sequester! Certainly they look nicer then the exterior of my house, because I have to pay to reside my house. I get no federal grant money for that.

Much like the dinosaurs that roamed the earth long ago, the bus stops are too large for their environment! And we all know what happened to the dinosaurs! Enjoy the ride!

John Norman


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