Letter: Buckle up for Referendum 1

Why do we wear seat belts when we drive? Hopefully, to protect us from something that we hope will never happen.

We now have an opportunity to engage Aspen’s seat belt. Our current mayor and council have done their best to protect Aspen’s uniqueness, character and history, so one would surmise that they would want to ensure that their intensions will be respected by future councils.

Unfortunately, we could get an out-of-control council that does not respect their work, the Aspen Area Community Plan or the will of the people. So we all must work together to make sure to have our community values protected against the unforeseen.

Referendum 1 is the residents’ initiative to amend the city charter to do this, so please vote “yes” on Referendum 1 and also vote against those running who do not support our desire to buckle up and protect.

Bill Wiener