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Letter: Broken-hearted over Krabloonik

Brokenhearted over Krabloonik

Editor’s note: Lynne Pfrimmer Mace had intended to read the following statement at Monday’s Town Council meeting in Snowmass Village. Mayor Bill Boineau, however, would not allow Krabloonik critics to speak during the public-comments portion of the meeting, so we are publshing the statement in its entirety.

My name is Lynne Pfrimmer Mace. I am Isabel and Stuart Mace’s daughter. It was my father who gifted the Toklat Husky Kennels to Dan MacEachen. I am here today because he is no longer with us to speak out regarding the decline of this once noble business based on his signature philosophy of stewardship.

I moved to Ashcroft with my parents and my brother Greg in 1949. Until 1964, when I graduated from Aspen High School, I, along with my four brothers, was an integral and active part of my family’s business of Toklat Wilderness Lodge and Husky Kennel. I know whereof I speak concerning the high standards of care that the working sled dogs received. Our life and business were about stewardship, not only of the Alaskan husky breed but also of the upper Castle Creek Valley. You do not bite the paw that feeds you. You take very good care of the animals that create your livelihood. They are your pride and joy and a very public testament about how you present yourself as an ethical human being.

I stand here now in complete solidarity with Voices of the Krabloonik Dogs. The allegations and accusations concerning animal abuse have become serial — and worse over time. It would seem that no one is actually accountable — neither Dan nor the regulatory ability of the Snowmass Town Council. The world-class sledding business that was gifted to Dan has degenerated over the last 15 years into something that bears no resemblance to the gift Dan was given and the promise he made “to take good care of the dogs.” This is not only about animal abuse, it is also about a broken promise. No matter what happens at the district attorney level, the council must now enact ordinances which will protect the dogs and the town’s asset (As TOSV.com states, “We strive to be responsible stewards of our financial and environmental resources”). Please honor this statement on behalf of the dogs. They also need your voice.

I present to you this collection of videos which are also on my website http://www.toklatgallery.com. Watching them you will come to better understand the profound difference between the gift Dan was given and what Krabloonik Kennels is today. I loved those dogs. In the first 15 years of my life I shoveled more dog poop than all of you combined. I brushed the dogs to collect the fur to be made into yarn. I cleaned their runs and their kennels, I watered, fed and walked them, I drove a little racing sled my father gave me, and I took endless summer tours of tourist through the kennel.

T his will help you understand why I am finally speaking out, and why my heart is broken.

Lynne Pfrimmer Mace


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