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Letter: Broad vision for Basalt

I am writing this letter in support of Auden Schendler for Basalt Town Council. Basalt is facing a generational shift. In my time in the Roaring Fork Valley, I have been lucky enough to be involved in restaurants from Snowmass to Glenwood. I have seen this happen in every town in our valley. It is a good thing as long as the shift is positive. That takes a broad vision. It takes an understanding of not only our town’s character but also how it relates to the valley as a whole. What type of industry do we want to encourage to bring vitality to our town? What is working in other towns similar to ours? Auden started like most of us, moving to the valley and looking for direction. His path has led him to be the vice president of sustainability at Aspen Skiing Co. This allows him to have a front-row seat to see what is working and what is not in other towns similar to Basalt. That, coupled with his passion for Basalt, is an asset for our town that cannot be overlooked! Basalt is changing, and there are amazing opportunities on the horizon. We need a broad vision to help guide us. Very few of us get to leave our little hamlet to see what other towns are doing. We need to take advantage of what Auden has to offer to keep us relevant, give us perspective and keep Basalt on the map. Speaking of being on the map, I have lived in Basalt for the past 16 years. Our kids go to school here, and we love it. But when I was 21 and living upvalley, it was a couple of years before I knew Basalt actually had a downtown. I thought it was just the Texaco gas station, where I would stop on my way to shop in Glenwood. How’s that for perspective?

Mike Mercatoris