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Letter: Bring vibrancy to Basalt riverfront

To Basalt riverfront pro-condo and hotel folks to clear up common

misconceptions about those who prefer less riverfront development:

1. Just because many don’t want a four-story hotel and condos doesn’t mean they instead want a 5-acre dog park. But that’s funny.

2. Nor do many just want a huge empty park. Replace “park” with, “Riverfront space developed as a recreation and community-oriented public amenity.” There ya go.

4. What people thought they wanted before they actually saw the property has changed, especially since they saw how much of it floods.

3. If you quantify all the letters to the editor on this subject so far, you’ll find 80 percent prefer less, not more development.

5. We agree growth and density could be good for Basalt. Just not on the river.

6. You know what’s vibrant? A riverfront full of people engaging in recreation activities.

7. The town needs to own the entire parcel so the project can go back to being citizen-driven. Brilliant Basaltines have been proposing wonderful ideas for years — kayak park, a town-square feel to sit and visit with neighbors, paths for strollers, an events center large enough even as Basalt grows, campus of nonprofits, a truly unique destination boutique hotel, a fishing lodge, a restaurant and bar with large outdoor spaces, a skating rink, a flyfishing center, a fountain like Mill street and so many more. Many have even included detailed plans on how to fund their ideas.

8. There is private and public funding available for Basalt to own this property. And think how much more valuable it will be in 10 or 20 years, and how more precious community space will be then. Buying it now would be truly visionary.

9. Basaltines, we know that a gold-medal river deserves a gold-medal riverfront. Join the movement help work to make sure this one-of-a-kind property glorifies our rivers and recreation-driven community.

Jae Gregory