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Letter: Bring more art to C’dale


Bring more art to C’dale

Dear Editor:

There have been a number of letters in support of the re-use of the old library as the Surls Art Museum. They have all made excellent points of the benefits to the downtown and the community at large. It is a great use in the right place. We should also not lose sight that we are not alone in banking on the arts to generate and attract visitors. We are in constant competition with other communities.

Our neighbor, Aspen, was one of the first communities in Colorado to focus on the arts as a major attraction for residents and to bring visitors to their community to support their economy and bring in tax dollars. Now, almost every community in Colorado promotes some form of the arts, not only for their citizens, but importantly, to support local business’ and to bring in visitors and their sales and lodging tax monies. For example, the Breckenridge town officials recently approved a $2.3 million taxpayer expenditure to upgrade their arts district in their downtown. This is the nature of the competition we face.

Every opportunity to expand and enhance what we can offer needs to be encouraged, in particular when there is no cost to the town budget.

The Surls Museum is being funded by the private sector with Jim Calaway pledging to raise the money for the expansion and conversion of the building. We need to take advantage of this golden opportunity. Please support this proposal!

Bill Lamont