Letter: Bring Butch’s back to Basalt

I believe that the Basalt Business Association is clearly more interested in rental income than the vitality of our empty downtown. Butch’s Lobster Shack has been a wonderful addition to Basalt as an al fresco dining experience with exceptional East Coast cuisine. Locals as well as tourists would dearly miss losing one of the more truly unique, hospitable restaurants.

Both locals and tourists have clearly enjoyed the social atmosphere as well as having a very reasonably priced seafood restaurant in Basalt..

I would hope that you might understand that his presence is vital to our town’s economy as well as the charm it adds to our community.

The very people who want to promote business revenue in Basalt are the same people who are suppressing the progress of Basalt. Please, let’s keep our progress moving. We have most recently added four new great additions to Basalt, and to lose Butch’s would be a total loss for all of us who enjoy summer outdoor dining.

Nancy Henderson-Kammers