Letter: Bring back Butch’s

I have heard news going around town that Butch’s Lobster Shack might be coming back to Basalt this summer. I sure hope that this is true. Butch’s has been an institution for many years and was sorely missed last summer.

It certainly is one of the most unique dining experiences in our valley, with fresh seafood flown in from the East Coast. It’s one of Basalt’s best hot spots and has always been a great place to socialize with not only Basalt friends but friends from Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond, as well.

What a great use for an otherwise empty parking lot. For those rainy nights, he offers seating under the tent as well as at an outside bar.

Let’s hope that this year we will all have the pleasure of enjoying the great atmosphere at Butch’s along with the fun and excellent food.

Nancy Henderson