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Letter: Breaking it down

As I was making breakfast the other day, I tried to explain to my third-grader and my first-grader what a mill-levy override is and why it’s important to them that our community voted “yes” on question 3A. How do I succinctly say that last year the state gave our schools 13 percent less than it should based on something called a “negative factor”? Or that most of the cost (about 85 percent) in our schools is in people and benefits? Or that it is only $30 additional tax for every $1 million in residential property value? As you can imagine, I failed miserably and once again realized that school finance is complicated. I tried another way. “Kids, the education you are getting in your school now and in the future will help open doors to opportunity and enable you to follow your dreams.” The scrunched noses and silly giggles reminded me I needed to make it simpler. I came around the counter, gave them a hug and asked them to close their eyes, think of their favorite teacher and one of the wonderful staff members who knows them by name and said, “If 3A does not pass, you won’t see them next year at school.”

Vote “yes” on 3A so that our talented teachers and staff along with the amazing programs they teach can continue making well-rounded members of our community.

Dusty Diaz

Snowmass Village