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Letter: Branding brilliance for Willits hotel

Somehow the story on Thursday’s front page about the hotel with four names struck me funny (“Site work is underway at Willits hotel,” The Aspen Times).

I can see the public-relations and planning teams slopping up huge batches of coffee, sugar and powered creamers:

“First of all we need ‘Element’ in there because it’s part of the Element brand.”

“Of course, but it is in Basalt, sort of, so we need that, too.”

“You guys gotta understand — Aspen has the cachet. We might need Basalt. We’re doing business here. Aspen is tops. Aspen’s gotta be in there.”

“But it’s not in Aspen, and people will think it is, so we gotta keep Basalt in there either way.”

“OK, so how about we add ‘Valley,’ and then people won’t think it’s in Aspen?”

So now we’ve got what The Aspen Times and most of the rest of us will probably call the Willits Hotel, which is located in El Jebel, not Basalt, and it will be called The Element Basalt Aspen Valley Hotel. In any case, it’s good to know that it’s all in the capable hands of Mariner Real Estate Management teaming up with Silverwest Hotel Partners, both under the bountiful umbrella of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide.

I could suggest one more name here, but I can’t remember whether “dumbass” is one word or two.

Sandy Munro

Brush Woody Aspen Creek