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Letter: Blood money in Snowmass

Blood money in Snowmass

This is in response to the letter from Bill Schneider (“A shameful display of piling on Krabloonik,” letter, Jan. 7, The Aspen Times). Schneider, you, Mayor Boineau and the Snowmass good old boys club are actually the shameful ones to the citizens of Snowmass, not the animal people. Your kind of people who put human interest in greedy money-grabbing superior over all other living beings’ lives are the root of the problem.

I am glad that you mentioned in your letter that “Krabloonik has brought hundreds of thousands of dollars to our local economy” to prove my point of money-grabbing. The issue here is not the money brought to the local economy; it is how this money is generated by slaving, voiceless poor animals.

In other words, your philosophy is, as long as big money is brought into the local economy, you do not care how this bloody money is generated. This is no different than the big money generated by all sorts of other illegal activities, like drug dealings, which are associated with many human killings.

Since you complained about the dog picture in the animal people’s advertisement, why don’t you produce a picture of a Krabloonik’s dog not chained to the wooden box?

Also, when there are not enough volunteers at the animal societies like American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the necessary hired help have bills to pay like everybody else and need to draw salary. What is wrong with that? The wrong thing is you have lived under the rocks in Snowmass for 26 years along with the good old boys club. It is time for you to do some volunteer work like others to reduce the cost of caring for many abused animals at the hands of people like the owner of Krabloonik.

Animal people are the most selfless people. They are the lobbyists for the welfare of the powerless, moneyless, and voiceless animals. On the contrary, studies show that those who abuse animals are also human abusers. So, Mr. Schneider, the animal abusers like Krabloonik’s owner defended by you are actually ‘a very sad reflection on humanity’, not the animal people, as stated in your letter.

Lastly, thank you for pointing out in your letter, “In addition, no one seems to realize that animals in the United Stated are treated in a more humane way than any other country.” Hurray for the animal people who make our country a first-class compassionate country compared to the other many under educated, under civilized, barbaric Third World countries!

Jacob Jacobson