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Letter: Bless these dogs

Who is this character named Bill Boineau? Is he really an elected official representing the citizens, yet refusing to allow his constituents to speak at council meetings? Or, is he a member of the good-old boys club who protects the biggest coward in the valley, Dan MacEachen, who has been abusing the voiceless dogs for decades to make his bloody money?

Yes, in addition to the above he is also the guy getting into a shouting match with a tourist at the Jazz Aspen Snowmass Festival over the spot he staked out with his blanket. If he is running for re-election, citizens, please take note of all this!

And for you MacEachen, you are a shameless coward for abusing these beautiful creatures of God who have no voices and are defenseless (Caution: Dog backwards is God). How do you sleep at night in your cozy, warm bed knowing your best friends (no, they are actually your money-making slaves) are freezing, starving and lying on the hard, frozen dirt floor in the dark and alone? Then you dragged your critics, like your ex-son-in-law and ex-general manager, through the mud for their bravery to speak up. Your membership at this big, good-old boys club seems to have been doing well for all these decades at the expense of these poor dogs.

A big salute goes to Bill Fabrocini and all the members of the Voices for the Krabloonik Dogs for your persistent, tireless effort to bring this cruelty issue to the public’s attention. Also, a bravery badge is due to Guy Courtney, the ex-manager and all the mushers for speaking up in this hostile environment.

Last but not least, the cheers to the columnist Doug Allen for taking this issue to the District Attorney’s Office, which resulted in the unbelievable swift action taken by District Attorney Sherry Caloia, the only law officer who has the balls to act on this decades-long dark, ugly and bloody dog-dungeon issue. Thank you Caloia, I am so proud of having voted for you.

Let’s keep the momentum going to achieve our goal to provide these dogs with the essential and basic treatments they deserve; a warm bed in the winter, shade in the summer, long enough freedom from the 6-foot chain to exercise and, believe it or not, there is even an issue — enough food to eat.

May God bless all you dogs and may the sun shine on you very soon.

Jacob Jacobson