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Letter: Bitten by the jaws of justice


Bitten by the jaws of justice

Dear Editor:

I am a pianist for ballet dancers. I love Aspen, the ability to see piano rehearsals, recitals, Broadway plays and have a top-notch ballet company and an amazing hot yoga studio, as well as the Aspen Recreation Center, all within my fingertips.

My three months here have been unforgettable. I have lived all over the world and I have CDs next to Yo Yo Ma on iTunes. Unfortunately my luck came to an end when I had my car wheel chained with a $150 release fee from “Britt” and Clark’s Market.

I go there daily for my sushi fix, when not at Kenichi, but the unwelcome booting was very depressing. I spend over $100 a day on food and entertainment, so why make me not want to come back? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you; but I got the boot when I went to the Charlie Brown show and Snoopy says I just want to bite someone.

That’s how I felt. Ouch!

Lisa Harris