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Letter: Birdsong no more

It is with sadness that I write this letter. First, there was the joy of a nesting house wren’s song near the little cavity house the pair chose to raise their young. Then, along came the cat that leapt up to the cavity house, knocked it from its perch, broke it and attacked the wrens. We all know which species wins such a battle. This is a “house cat” that seems never to be in its house. I have talked with the owner five times since snow was on the ground about her cat’s daily visits to my neighborhood and constant preying on birds. After receiving no cooperation, I called the animal control officers, who also spoke with her about keeping her cat indoors. Now, months later, her cat was witnessed taking the lives of the house wren and its brood. Keeping your cat indoors ensures its safety and that of the birds.

Here’s a website where you can learn about getting your cat to become an indoor cat: http://www.americanhumane.org/animals/adoption-pet-care/caring-for-your-pet/indoor-cats-vs-outdoor-cats.html.

Catherine Hagen