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Letter: Bikers rule Open Space and Trails

In response to Susan Shapiro’s letter (Sept. 2, Aspen Daily News) asking why there is no dog park in Aspen, the answer is clear: not enough funds. At least, this is what Open Space and (bike) Trails claimed the last time I asked.

It is curious, though, when you consider the enormously expensive improvements to the Rio Grande (bike) Trail currently under construction, when you consider the (bike) repair station at Slaughterhouse and when you consider the Open Space and (bike) Trails recent proposal to build a bridge linking the Aspen Business Center with Rio Grande (bike) Trail. You would think that Open Space and (bike) Trails was only working in the interests of cyclists.

The truth is, I’m afraid, Susan Shapiro, that dog owners are at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to Open Space and (bike) Trails. It’s what you call having a stacked Open Space and Trails board.

Claire McDougall

Woody Creek