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Letter: Bike race was major hassle for locals as well as guests

To all Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley residents who have been adversely affected by the “race” over the past week:

If you feel that the gridlock, road closures and general chaos in Aspen this past week is unacceptable, please call the mayor’s office at 970-920-5199, the city manager at 970-920-5205 or the events coordinator at 970-429-2092 and let them know how you were impacted.

I did have a chance to speak with Steve Barwick, the city manager, and he was very helpful and seemed sincere in wanting to remedy the situation in the future. The events coordinator, however, was rude and condescending, so call only if you’re up to being belittled.

Not only was our town “pimped out” with complete disregard for our residents, but it managed to ignore the needs of the music students (remember all the free joy they gave us all summer?), whose last concert was Aug. 17, and they were all trying to fly out on Aug. 18 with virtually the entire town under “lockdown.”

How about people flying in unaware? People driving in from Independence Pass? Workers? Just all of us trying to enjoy a little quality of life.

If we let this continue, it’ll get worse. Please take a few minutes and let elected officials know that this is not OK!

Robin DeYoung