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Letter: Bike race was fantastic

Bike race was fantastic

I am writing in Response to Robin DeYoung’s letterin the Times on Aug. 25, whining about our amazing two car-free days in Aspen.

First of all, I wish to address her claim about the town ignoring the needs of the music students who were “all trying to fly out of town on Aug. 18.” I know for a fact that most of the music students were quite aware of the so called “lock-down” issue and made arrangements to leave town either before or after the bike race.

Believe it or not, these amazingly talented kids are totally connected and quite aware of what is happening around them. By the way, most of the students I know drove out of town, as they cannot afford the flights out of Aspen. The school informed them of the bike race issue.

Secondly, the people “trying to fly out” had been sent emails by United informing them that they could change their flights at no cost to them due to the bike race, should they wish to do so. Also, the buses were going to and from the airport while the roads were closed. As to those driving over Independence Pass, there were numerous signs on the other side of the pass, as well as on the Glenwood side, informing people of the dates and times of the race. If drivers cannot read, then that is not the fault of the town or those coordinating the bike race.

As for the “workers” who were affected, I cannot imagine that any worker was uninformed of this event. If the owners of monster homes did not give their gardeners, housekeepers, cooks, etc. the day off for this event, then I am sorry to hear that. It should have been a town holiday, so the workers could have joined in the festivities for a change.

Never have I been so excited to see a car-free town, where for once we could ride bikes or walk without the fear of being run over by cars going through red lights and stop signs. I have lost count of the number of cars I have seen run the red lights on Main Street on a regular basis all summer long. It is disturbing. But Monday and Tuesday were so wonderfully car/emission free. We could only imagine how spectacular it must have been to live here in the years before cars took over the town.

So get over it Robin, the bike race should be enjoyed and seen for what it is, a great opportunity to get around our beautiful town either on foot or on a bike. I will certainly be letting our elected officials know how much I loved the bike race.

Catherine Cross