Letter: Bigger can be better

I support the City Council’s decision to move City Hall to Galena Plaza principally for two reasons: 1) I believe we can afford to provide our employees with an efficient and positive work space that the community can be proud of, and 2) imagine the opportunities for the use of the current City Hall building!

I think it is silly to suggest this removes vibrancy and detaches city employees from the community by moving them two blocks to the north. On the contrary, I think we will be able to conjure more fun and useful uses for the old City Hall that will appeal to more than just those doing business with the city and it will help bring vibrancy and attention to our library and an area of the core that seems grossly underutilized to me.

An interesting aside is that it appears the council chose the bigger solution as being the better, more beneficial solution. Not often is there an acknowledgement from the council that bigger can be better.

Scott Writer